Can you sleep in a Hammock?

We are asked all the time whether it’s possible to sleep in a Hammock. The short answer is yes. The longer answer can get a little more complicated, depending on whether you are just wanting to nap, or use it to sleep in on a more permanent basis. Either way, you would probably require a little more information, so let’s delve further into this.

Hammocks were discovered on a wider scale in 1492 after Christopher Columbus found natives using them to sleep in the Bahamas. Originally made from the bark of the Hamaca tree, the origin of the name ‘hammock’ is clear. He brought the concept back from the Americas, and it was widely adopted, particularly by naval forces, and seafarers alike.

Prior to the adaption of the hammock, sailors had to sleep on the dirty, damp, and rodent-infested floors of the ships they sailed. With the possibility of elevation the hammock presented, they were much more likely to get a sound night's sleep. The natural ebb and flow of the waves gently would rock them to sleep and would provide them with their own personal space, away from the diseases carried by the furrier inhabitants of the ships.

As far as napping in a hammock goes, we can’t get enough of it! Whether it is a quick power nap in a hammock chair, or a long nap in a classic hammock, the standard of sleep you will get will be of better quality than if you were to snooze on the couch. Just think of a baby being rocked to sleep. Science states that the movement of a gently swaying hammock stimulates the brain waves, into a deeper sleep state, faster. Therefore meaning, you will awaken feeling more rested and refreshed in a shorter space of time. Deeper sleep also aids physical recovery and has been proven to increase memory.

If you were then to take this principle further and give in to hammock life entirely, can you sleep in a hammock every night, and give up your bed once and for all?

The natural sleeping position a hammock provides you with is perfect for optimum comfort. The slight elevation of the head is the recommended 10-30%. Traditional mattresses and beds can create unhealthy sleeping positions, resulting in pressure points. Hammocks alleviate this entirely, as your body is suspended in the air, causing no joint aches and pains.

If you think about the hygiene factors involved too, no bed bugs, overheating, or dust, just pure, uninterrupted sleep. Think about the space-saving element too!

I feel like I have even convinced myself, I’ll get my husband to pick one out!