How to mount your Hanging Chair

Hammocks and Hanging Chairs don’t have to be enjoyed just outside; why not bring them into the warmth of your own home so you can swing away in your living room, bedroom or wherever you think is prime position. Bring the outdoors in by dangling a chair from a sturdy joist or wooden beam located in your ceiling, but please check and use the correct hardware before drilling a hole into your ceiling, otherwise OH DEAR..hello costly mess!

If you take the necessary precautions and ensure you take the correct steps when locating a relevant area, then you will have no problem and your hanging chair will be up in no time! A beam can typically support the weight of an average-size adult, however weight isn’t limited as you can reinforce the beam to allow more weight without any worries. Also, with the majority of our hanging chairs, load capacity varies from 120 – 200kgs, so they can take as little or as much weight with no strain! (When buying a hanging chair, please double check the description which states load capacity.)

You can use a device called a ‘stud finder’ – you can find these in all kinds of hardware shops; these clever devices can detect density or lack of in a ceiling or wall. They can sense where studs are located that hold the beams together or up. If you can find these points then you know you have a joist that could take the weight of a chair. Make sure you find the centre of the beam as that is your strongest point for support.

A hanging chair must be hung so that it can rotate, so that the hanging chords do not wear thin, and so that one can swing in the desired direction. Amazonas have created a ball-mounted ceiling hook with an extension chain for adjusting the height. It is easy to use and place safely in a joist.