Our Amazonas hammocks

✔ Amazonas make the worlds finest hammocks which now grace some of the worlds most exclusive hotels and resorts.
✔ Built to last. They really are a hammock for life.
✔ All our hammocks are handmade using traditional Brazilian techniques & German engineering.

✔ Amazonas are providing homes, schooling and guidance to neglected children who live on the streets of Brazil. More info
✔ Made using recycled Brazilian fabrics to help preserve the world's natural resources and protect the environment.

✔ All hammocks credited with coveted Intertek GS Mark and TÜV – your guarantee of product safety and quality.
✔ Amazonas is a member of Interseroh which ensures waste from packaging and materials are recycled. More info

When we set up Hangmatten Experten our mission was simple - to sell the worlds best hammocks. A defining moment in our story was when we discovered Amazonas, a manufacturer based in Germany that make the worlds finest hammocks. They really do!

Hammocks were originally used by natives in Brazil to sleep in at night to avoid the wet canopy floor and creepy crawlies of the rain forest. The fabrics and techniques used by the natives ensured their hammocks lasted for a long time in the moist conditions of the rain forest and were very comfortable to sleep in.

When Amazonas started they decided to use these techniques on all their hammocks which are handmade. It has meant Amazonas now have a solid reputation for making the worlds finest hammocks which are used in some of the worlds most exclusive hotels and resorts.

All our hammocks are stress tested onsite with up to 600kg of weight.

So what about the hammock stands...?

Natives of the Brazilian rain forest fixed their hammocks to the many trees around so they did not need a stand. So Amazonas turned to their German engineering roots and the best quality wood they could find to manufacturer some of the best stands available today. When paired, an Amazonas hammock and stand is about the finest hammock set you can purchase anywhere today. 

So when we set out to sell the worlds finest hammocks we knew it had to be Amazonas. We stay true to this promise and still only sell their hammocks on our website today. 

We don't just stop after the first thread. Here's how we produce sustainable products with our own natural energy cycle: