It's that time of year... Indoor hammock ideas

Now the weather has turned nasty, and just downright cold… maybe it is time to think of how you can maximise that hazy summer day feeling of swinging in your hammock, without the risk of getting caught in a drizzle!

There are plenty of ideas of how you can do this. But a quick dip into the wonderful world of the internet will give you bags of inspiration, and here are our top 5 design ideas on how to get the perfect look indoors… AND… make your hazy hammock feeling last a little longer.

1) Suspended Net

Now this is a little trickier to install, but good grief, doesn’t it look like the best place to lie and chill! We can make them to measure, and in the look you want. So if you really, really need an indoor hammock, this might just be the option for you!

2) Fairy Lights

Simple and pretty, just add some fairy lights in a canopy above your hammock, or wrap them around your spreader bar, or chair, and you have yourself an extra bit of light to curl up with that book!

3) Cosy Hammock

Pile in a whole heap of blankets and pillows, and make yourself a grown up, warm and cosy den. Who wouldn’t just want to cosy up in there and catch some Zzzzzzzz….

4) Bring the outside in

If you really want to re-live those sunny summer days lying in the garden, why not bring the outside in, and surround yourself with plants. Who says a garden is just for outside! They purify the air, and look lovely!

5) Kids den

Now that the kids have gone back to school, they need somewhere cool to chill and recover on a weekend, so why not make a den for them in their room. Plus, it means the grown ups can chill in their hammock in peace and quiet downstairs!