Why Hammocks Are Perfect For The Adventurous.

Whether its you that is seeking adventure, or you are looking for a gift to give a nomadic loved one, see some of our top tips for what to take travelling.

Any discerning traveller knows the first rule of staying in the great outdoors is to get off the floor when you sleep. Not only will it keep you a lot warmer, or cooler respectively, all kinds of bugs roam around on the floor, and let's be honest, nobody enjoys being bitten by a creepy crawly! Our Moskito Traveller Extreme Hammock is just the thing to solve that problem very quickly, and very easily.

The material and mosquito net of the hammock are impregnated with the insect repellent of TANATEX. This impregnation provides lasting protection against flying insects such as mosquitoes and biting midges as well as against crawling insects such as ticks, ants, cockroaches and mites, which will not even sit on the material or the net.

Despite this, the TANATEX impregnation has been proven to be completely safe for humans. It is also kind to the skin, odourless, heat-resistant and washable (up to fifty washes).

Now we have the bug problem fixed, time to solve the weather problem…

Our Ultra-Light Tarp is a portable floating tent. Designed to fit perfectly over your hammock, without interrupting your swing, or your view, it’s the perfect add on to any travelling pro. Designed with travellers in mind, it is a rain cover for your hammock – turning it into the perfect outdoor bed.

“But how will I ever be able to carry enough ropes to make all that work?” we hear you ask… our Micro Rope Fixings will do all of that for you, as well as packing small and very light. The two pre-knotted ropes and the handy holding pin altogether weigh a mere 160 g, but carry 150 kg!

The locking pin made from aluminium lets you adjust the rope quickly and serves as a practical connection to the hammock loop at the same time – push it through and it will put itself diagonally and latch into place.

Happy travelling!