Our Top 5 Hammocks for March!


We are fortunate enough to offer an extensive and varied range of hammocks and hanging chairs for you lovely individuals to fall in love with and enjoy in your home setting. We believe that having such a fabulous choice for you to peruse, makes us Simply the best! We have compiled a small list of some of our favourite and coolest shapes and styles that we are confident that you will adore too!

Personalised Hammocks

What could be better than a one of a kind hammock with a personalised message or memory engraved on it?! Give that special someone the ultimate gift with a personalised hammock, handmade just for them. You can choose the colour you desire, the style and add your personalised message and we'll manufacture a hammock by hand just for them or you, using traditional hammock manufacturing techniques. You can choose from a single, double of family size hammock and you can have confidence knowing nobody else has the same hammock as you!

Salsa Marine and Fuego

The Salsa Marine and Fuego Hammock is made from EllTex, a tough specialist fabric that is designed to be as soft as pure cotton, yet extremely strong, long-lasting and also weatherproof. Perfect for the British Summer. A bright and cheerful non-spreader hammock offers superb comfort thanks to it's soft, snug material which is also weatherproof and UV-resistant.

This is just a small number of our favourites, go and have a good look and see what others take your fancy!