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A hammock carefully placed in one corner, a garden bench and hand carved firepit at the other. It's a room you never realised you had brought to life against the backdrop of natures every changing beauty. We don't just sell amazing hammocks, we showcase exciting brands that will bring your hammock to life. Here are a few of our favorite brands...

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Our New Collections



Why we love it? Foremost furniture and fire pits look like wood, stone or concrete but are a lot easier to clean and maintain thanks to TerraFab Technology. They are fantastic and will really stand out in your garden.



Why we love it? OneQ is a Dutch brand on a mission to create smart outdoor cooking. Modules are easily connected so you can create your own outdoor kitchen, which you can expand and add to in the future.



Why we love it? Beautifully designed outdoor fireplaces, stoves and accessories that are made to stand out and look bespoke. These custom pieces will become a garden centerpiece.

Satu Bumi

Why we love it? Amazing glass fibre technology plant pots & water features which are more resistant to breaking, fading and cracks. But best of all, they look beautiful and vibrant.


Why we love it? iQbani make amazing planters using EP (Expanding Polypropylene) which means they are 100% recyclable, lightweight, extremely strong, durable, insulated and frost-resistant.

Hot Wok

Why we love it? Create delicious authentic dishes in your garden using the award winning Hot Wok. It generates intense heat to ensure your ingredients are cooked perfectly with the trademark Wok flavour.


Why we love it? Bon-fire combines the cosiness of a fire with all the best from a barbecue. There are no complicated techniques yet you can create all kinds of food in new and exciting ways. 


Why we love it? Kelsyus is smart gear on the go for your active lifestyle. They are designed by engineers who love the outdoors as much as you do, so you can count on Kelsyus for innovation and quality!


Why we love it? Quik Shade has been making instant shade canopies for over 20 years. You can count on them to provide the perfect portable solution that is built to last when you need some shelters from the sun. 


Why we love it? Airboard make high-tech inflatable boards for snow and water. Their clever C7 valves means they won't go down and the tough nylon fabric is resistant to mould, corrosion and impact. 


Why we love it? A Swiss company, Alba is on a mission to bring steel back as a recyclable and long lasting product. With 100 years of experience they believe in making garden accessories that last.

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