Ordering a Hot Tub FAQ's

We're so pleased that you are thinking about owning a hot tub, they are fantastic products which turn your outside space into your very own spa garden. Here are our most frequently asked questions:

Can I pay in full or by a deposit?
You can choose to do either and the option is available on each product to either pay in full or leave a 10% deposit. If you leave a deposit, we will reserve your hot tub and when it is ready to be dispatched someone in our team will be in touch to take the remaining balance. 

Will I get my deposit back if I change my mind?
This will depend on the circumstances. If the hot tub has been made to order then we reserve the right to retain it, unless we have missed our delivery promise with you. For items that we carry in stock, we can usually refund the deposit because we can sell it to someone else. 

How is the hot tub delivered and what are the costs?
When your hot tub is ready to be delivered a member of our team will be in touch to schedule in your delivery. We will then charge you our delivery fee based on your method choice, location and property access. Our delivery charges are fair and reflect the cost only, we do not seek to make any money from this.

Our delivery options are as follows and are based on 150 miles radius from our Midlands storage yard. If you live outside of this, additional charges may apply. 

Method Cost  Details
Kerb-side drop £200.00 We will send a single driver and ask for at least one able-bodied person be available to help remove the hot tub from our trailer. 
Delivery & position £350.00 We will send a two person team and ask for at least one able-bodied person to be available to help us position your hot tub in its permanent place.
Positioning, Installation & Commission £400.00 We will send a team to position your hot tub in its permanent place, fill it with water, sanitise it so it is up and running and ready to use.

How do we move the Hot Tub into position?
We will use a special trolley which allows us to easily transport the hot tub from our trailer to your position. The hot tub is manoeuvred on its side, so please ensure that the height of your hot tub will fit through gates and doorways when it is on its side. The trolley is also not very flexible so ensure that the pathway has lots of room for us to manoeuvre it.

If you have steps, we will need the help of at least 7 able-bodied people to help lift it up and over the steps. 

What if the access points are too narrow?
In these circumstances we can arrange for a crane to lift the hot tub over your property. This will incur additional charges. 

What preparation do I need to do before delivery?
Firstly you need to ensure the location is big enough for your hot tub, can support the weight when it has water and people in it and that it is level. The surface also needs to be solid and able to support the hot tub. 

You then need to ensure there is an electricity supply. Some of our hot tubs are 13AMP Plug and Play which means they will plug straight into a UK socket. If running from an indoor socket ensure it has a RCD breaker and the cable is inside protective conduit. Or you can plug it into an IP65 waterproof socket.

If the hot tub uses a 32AMP supply then correct supply must be fitted by a certified electrician. 

Leaving access for your hot tub
Remember to leave access to the front of your hot tub, as the panel is removable and you may need to access the components for maintenance. If you are sinking the hot tub into the ground or below decking, please ensure you have access easily.

What makes our hot tubs so special?
The highest quality hot tubs are American, but carry a huge price tag because the brands sell them to USA distributors, who sell them to UK distributors, who sell them to UK retailers, which sell them to you. So by the time you get your hot tub, the price has increased significantly.

Our hot tubs use all the same components as the industry-leading American brands but without the price tag. The hot tubs feature USA Aristech Acrylic Shells, LX Pumps, Gecko or Balboa Control Systems, PVC Long-Lasting Skirts and EVA insulated base.

Why is a hammock company selling hot tubs?
We speak to hundreds of customers every week, helping them to enhance their outdoor living spaces with our amazing hammocks. We often heard that our customers were looking to purchase a hot tub and whether we could recommend any. Then the UK went into lockdown and our Founder decided to buy a hot tub for his garden. After months of research, he came across an amazing UK supplier that was offering fantastic hot tubs, featuring all the leading American components, but without the price tag. Since we only sell products we would use ourself, we thought it would be great to start offering our customers hot tubs that we could put our name against.

What about a warranty?
5- Years Warranty on the shell structure of the spa: The shell will maintain structural integrity and configuration and be free of any water loss due to defect in the spa shell.
1- years Warranty on the shell surface of the spa: The manufacturer provides the user of the spa a 1 year warranty against blistering, cracking and delamination.
2-years Warranty on Balboa/Gecko controls and Display module: The manufacturer warrants the display and the spa control box against defects in materials and workmanship or any other defects for two years. According to the electrical components this warranty is not given on fuses, RCD’s, bulbs and gaskets.
1-Years warranty on our cabinet of the spa: The factory installed side panel is warrantied for 1 year from the original date of delivery. The warranty specifically covers cracking or peeling of the shell. Fading and weathering of the surface will naturally occur over time and is not considered warrantable defects.
1-Years Warranty on the Ozone generator, Audio system components: The ozone generator is warranted against defects in materials or workmanship for 1 year from date of delivery. The factory installed components (i.e power supply, speakers, wires etc) are warranted against defects in materials or workmanship for 1 years from the original date of delivery.
1-Years Warranty on the LED lights: The factory installed LED lights are warranted against defects in materials or workmanship for 1 year from the original date of delivery. The factory installed LED light driver is warranted against defects in materials or workmanship for 1 year from the original date of delivery, LED bulbs are not covered by the warranty.
1-Years Warranty on the Thermal Cover: The thermal cover is warranted against defects in materials or workmanship for 1 year from the original date of delivery.
90 Days Warranty on the Skimmer house/Plastic external parts/overlays: Some parts most of which can be changed out without the use of tools, such as filter cartridges, filter lid, filter housing, spa pillows, cover locks etc are in included in this warranty but are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship at the time of delivery and not beyond.
Warranty Limitations:
1. The Warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, lack of maintenance or lime scale deposits.
2. The manufacturer reserves the right to replace the defective parts with factory or remanufactured parts
3. The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage caused by altercations or modifications by the user.
4. Radio/Bluetooth reception is not covered by warranty because the reception depends on local conditions. The received signal may deteriorate if there are high voltage lines near the spa.
5. The warranty of the spa does not cover defects, damage of failure caused by the common carrier, installer, user or other persons, pets or rodents, or resulting from, without limitation, any of the following: careless handling ( lifting unit by plumbing, abrading finish, etc) including its own negligence; modification of any type for any reason) including modification to meet local code). Improper installation ( including installation not in accordance with instructions and specifications provided with the unit). Connections supplied by the installer of the equipment; improper voltage supply or unauthorized electrical modification; misuse; incorrect operation; or lack of routine maintenance; operation of the unit without specified minimum amount of water or at inappropriate water temperature; use of abrasive or improper cleaners;or acts of gods, such as lightening, floods earthquakes etc.
6. In addition, The manufacturer will not be responsible for incidental or consequential damage or losses arising from any cause ( e.g water damage to carpet, ceiling tiles, marbles, loss of use etc. Including its own negligence, damages to respecting or resulting from : plated parts when pool are/or spa chemicals are used in the unit or hard water conditions.
7. This warranty does not include, labour, transportation of other costs incurred in the removal and or re installation of the original unit and/or installation of a replacement unit; any costs relating to obtaining access for repair; or loss of use damage, including loss of sales, profit or business advantage of any kind under any circumstances. Spa units are excluded from any warranty coverage if any addition, deletion or modification of any kind whatsoever has been made to the unit (or to any component).
8. The warranty does not cover defects of damage due to normal wear and tear, improper installation, alterations with the manufacturer written consent, accident, misuse, abuse, commercial or industrial use, use of an accessory not approved by manufacturer, failure to follow the user manual, or repairs made or attempted by anyone other than an authorized representative of the manufacturer.
9. We will not provide compensation for delays in rectifying and faulty/broken hot tub issue.

Extent of Warranty:

This warranty extends only to the original consumer purchaser of the spa when invoiced and delivered. The warranty terminates upon any transfer of ownership, prior to the expiration of the warranty period.
Any modification to the spa will void the warranty.

Warranty Performance:


Please note – All warranty parts will be sent out to customer within 10 days of problem reported if in the unlikely circumstance that the part is not available we will let you know when we are likely to be sending out a replacement. Labour is not included. We advise that the fitting of any spare part, electrical or plumbing specific, be done by a trained engineer. We cannot accept any liability regarding the installation of spare parts, especially relating to access of the tub and access has been restricted further by the client after the delivery. Please note you are entitled to cancel your order once delivered within 7 working days. But for a refund on the product it must be in original condition. If it is needed to be collected the delivery/collection fee will be deducted from your refund.

To open a warranty claim please fill in the form below

Please contact us for details on returns or any further inquiries regarding our products